“Remember, you were made from dust, and to dust you shall return.”

I chose to take the next photo for my self portrait project on Ash Wednesday. Last year was the first time I ever observed lent, and this was the fist time I’ve ever gone to an Ash Wednesday mass and got the ashen cross marked on my forehead. But even though this is still a new tradition for me I think it will be one I will stick with for many years to come. I believe that it’s important to have a season where you take time out to embrace your humanity, to come to terms with your finitude, and to remember that you are a limited being. It is reassuring and refreshing to contemplate these things because so often I feel like I put this pressure on myself to do and be everything for everyone, but this season provides space for me to breathe and unburden myself.
I also love that lent lines up with autumn with us here in the southern hemisphere! Autumn is a time to slow down and prepare for the rest of the year, which I think works so well with the lenten season.

I hope that this autumn will also be a special time for you where you can take time to embrace your limited, finite humanity and to unburden yourself from any pressures that are weighing you down.