Remember sweet little Joshua and his fire engine party earlier this year?!

That session went so well that it inspired me to create a project where I gift my services to a handful of other families by capturing their beautiful everyday memories in their homes. So I’m fundraising for 6 other cancer families to receive these photo sessions, along with photobooks and prints, and I need your help! Any and all donations would be fantastic and will go toward capturing meaningful memories for incredibly special kids and their families.

Find out more and Donate here.

I’m really, really excited about this project – it makes my heart so full when I can give artistically documented memories to families, and I know these families really need their time with their kids to be preserved!

Thank you so much for your support! xx

Hi all!
I’ve finally confirmed the total amount raised for this cause. After including some very late donations and the funds raised from chocolate and soap sales, we all raised $1017.50!!
So I have been in touch with a family whose little girl is bravely battling Acute Lymohoblastic Leukaemia. We’ve planned a session for December so they should get their photos, the book and print in time for Christmas!
So excited to have the opportunity to give to this strong family.