Meet the Tregurtha Family.

They were the recipients of all your generosity through the Capturing Memories for Cancer Families campaign! Little Devyn has been bravely battling Leukaemia this year. However the year has ended with some great news (she is in remission!) and the Tregurtha's are looking forward to celebrating this festive season!

At the start of the month I met the Tregurtha's, before I had even reached the door two adorable little girls had run out to greet me and to pull me inside to see the excitement that awaited us - it was the family's annual tradition of decorating their Christmas tree!! Although this was lots of fun, Devyn and her big sister Luca still had plenty more playing and dressing up to do when the decorating was done. And their dad even made a fun carry case, doll's house for them to continue their Lego creations in.