In my last post I talked a bit about how I want to work on documenting my own life and not end up with a hard-drive that’s only full of photos of other families. So the first part of that is working on documenting my life and the people around me, and the second part, which I will talk about today, is challenging myself to take self portraits! Ah! That’s scary for me, but also exciting!

So here is my first one!! I think where possible I’d like for my self portraits to be as documentary as possible (like the rest of my work) – of course it can’t be purely documentary of me, but my surroundings can be left unaltered, etc, etc. So that’s the case with this first self portrait! It was also taken about a month ago, and here are the words that I wrote about it at the time:

I got back very late last night from a weekend at a local music festival and I just dumped all my things on the floor and went straight to bed. I’ve been staying at my parents place on and off for the past couple of years (since I came back from China) while I’ve been trying to find a permanent flat for myself. All these comings and goings have left my room at my parents place in a huge shambles, so not only am I embarrassed about still living with my parents at the age of 26, but I am also somewhat ashamed about how incredibly messy my room is – if I have anyone come visit while I’m here, I always keep them well clear of my room fearing what they’ll think if they see it! But I decided to be brave and show you my mess! I’m also choosing to be content with the fact that I am in a season of transition and trying to remind myself that transition is rarely neat and ordered. I generally do most of my work while sitting on the floor with my laptop on my knees because my desk is too cluttered to use. It’s not ideal but I’ve grown accustomed to it and now, even on the rare occasions when my desk is clear, I often prefer to sit on the floor, haha. So I wanted to capture all of that – to help me treasure this season and moment in time!