My favourite thing is to go to the beach, walk out into the ocean, submerge myself under the water, rise to the surface, and float. Limbs unfurled, fists unclenched, face open to the vast heavens. Releasing everything, completely surrendered; left to the mercy of the ebbs and flows of the waves and tides. The current carries me; I am weightless, I am unburdened. These are the moments I feel most present, most content, most free. These are the moments I feel most human.

My senses remind me that I am a small being existing in great vastness. My vision is full of the infinite sky. My body feels only the omnipotent water. The only odour I know is the all-knowing scent of saline.

The infinite sky lingers long after I leave the sea; it creeps around architecture, it crawls through branches, it climbs over hilltops. But all too often I miss it as I have things to do and places to be. All too often I miss it as I gaze down. But its infinitude remains. All I need do is look up.