I started off this year doing an online photography workshop with the wonderful Molly Flanagan. During the course we worked on defining our visions as photographers, so I thought I would share some of what I wrote for the workshop!

Part of my overarching vision would definitely be “the ordinary and imperfect are beautiful”. And that made me decide to share this photo from a recent session. This is an ordinary and everyday scene in this family’s home – a daughter helping her dad prepare some food. But it’s also an incredibly beautiful scene in that it captures their relationship, their love, how he wants to help his little girl and how she trusts her daddy.

But in thinking about my overarching vision I also can’t shrug off this idea that I gained a couple months ago when one of my favourite artists, Dallas Clayton, posted this on instagram: “And you could be bigger and you could be better, and you could mend hearts just by writing a letter, just by telling a story or sharing a smile, or sitting and talking and laughing awhile.” I’d love to tell stories through my work that could mend hearts or bring some healing or change people in even some small minuscule way.

But maybe showing people that “the ordinary and imperfect are beautiful” can do that! Helping parents see that it doesn’t matter what they look like in photos (if they’re not the perfect weight, etc), it’s the memories those photos capture of them and their kids that they will treasure. Helping parents see that it doesn’t matter if their house might seem boring or messy to them, but about how much love fills their home. It’s definitely a message that can heal me too, I know I sometimes feel ashamed because I think my life is too plain and boring – so I definitely want to challenge myself to share more of my life and remember that it is beautiful.

So I’m really excited about heading forward with a more defined idea of my vision! And I mentioned that I’m going to challenge myself to share and document more of my life at the end there, so I will talk more about this challenge in my next blog post – keep an eye out! x