Meet the Goertzen family.

They have just welcomed their newest bundle of joy into the world! His name is Eli and he’s perfect! This family’s story is very special and dear to my heart, because it has had immense sadness but also great joy. As with many families in recent years, the Goertzens struggled for a long time with infertility and miscarriages. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to comprehend the pain that their journey has involved. But I have felt very privileged to be able to celebrate in their joy!

Sometimes the most wonderful things in life happen when you least expect them, and that was the case with little Toby 3 years ago, and now again with Eli.

Toby loves his little brother and wants to join in on his activities – which at this age is mostly sleeping – so Toby enjoys the excuse to have a quick lie down too. But the energy of a 3 year old can never be contained for long and soon he’s off again, creating in his dad’s garage or playing with his favourite Cars (the movie) themed toys and trinkets.

Love always. xx