Meet the Snell Family.

Tim and Renee have 3 gorgeous kids and I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with them! I have known Renee for over 7 years now (we traveled to Thailand together back in 2007)! Apart from our time in Thailand, we’ve never lived in the same city, so even though our meetings are quite few and far between it makes the times that we do get to catch up even more special. It is always such a joy to see her and the family; to see how much the kids have grown since I last saw them and to see more and more of the little people they’re growing up to be.

The eldest two children love reading, drawing and playing with their baby brother. They also love experimenting, for example, with a coloured cornflour concoction they like to call GUNGE! Haha.

Much love to you Snell Family! xx