1) Prior to your session, how did you feel about having a photographer document your family in your home? How did your thoughts and feelings change after your session was completed?
Prior to my session I felt excited and a little anxious about how tidy things were and if my children would behave. (i.e hit each other and talk about farts, poos etc). Is my home nice enough? Will I be proud to show people the cracked deck and weeds? After the session I was really impressed.I think everyday stories are important because you get much more of the context of a family's life when you include their clutter and their treasures.

2) Did you have reservations about having your personal space photographed? How did your feelings change when you saw the finished product?
I did have reservations, but mostly because that's who I am. I felt self conscious and nervous. Afterwards I felt silly for being nervous, the photos were great and my children loved being photographed.

3) Were you nervous about your family’s physical appearance prior to your session? How did you feel when you saw the final images?
Yes, I was worried that I would have these gorgeous photos in high resolution only to see in high res a snotty nose or a dirty face. Luckily there were no bogeys or sauce moustaches. When I saw the final photographs I felt really lucky to be me. Beautiful vibrant kids. Beautiful home, beautiful family. I was very happy with the photos.

4) How did you feel about the “storytelling format” of your session? Do you feel your family life was celebrated and accurately portrayed?
I am stoked with the story telling format. I have enjoyed looking at photo essays on websites such as Time online. I love the way that dwellings show a family's reality which may be specific to their location, tastes or world view. I would love to look back on the photos in 20 years and see the way my children grew, which fashion styles or products I can spot that are no longer around. I feel that my family life was accurately portrayed, especially the twisted hose that we never put away and the lawn which is perpetually overgrown. My cracked deck is almost trendy, haha.