“How beautiful are my kids. It made me emotional looking at all the photos and being amazed at what an amazing thing it is to be me and that I am so lucky! Thank you for that gift Michelle. I am so glad you captured the brightness of them, I don't think I could look at a staged photo the same now. Photos need to capture kids moving, doing, being!”


“Your quiet, calm personality made it easy to forget that there was a photographer in the house and because of that the moments you caught were the real moments, not posed or forced. When we look over the images of our normal Saturday we see the magic of our kids, as they are, not as we try to make them. The photographs you gave us are a family treasure, like a little portal that we can step through to see the world through the eyes of our children.”


"Your photos are so alive and help us to relive all those important moments. We also love how easy it is to spend time with you while you're taking our photos. You're so good at what you do - we want you to continue taking photos of our children as they grow up!"



"Words cannot describe how grateful we are. I cannot believe how you managed to capture Charles, with all the things he loves to do everyday. The shots are all so beautiful, we love every single one of them!"


“This photo shoot was a great pleasure! Normally I feel very uncomfortable when I am conscious that someone is taking photos. But you were so unintrusive & at the same time fun to have around that you made our morning the highlight of our day. These pictures have captured & preserved the atmosphere of our Saturday pancake ritual for the rest of our lives. Thank you Michelle!”


“I can personally recommend Michelle as being professional,
warm and in possession of a Pied-Piper quality allowing her to
develop an easy repore with kids. Her photos have blown me away. ”


“Michelle knows how to let kids be kids and because of that she captures the genuine moments of their lives.”